Budget Home Plan in Kerala

Kannur Budget Homes

06 April 2022

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Owning a beautiful budget home in Kerala is every person’s dream. Kerala, “God’s Own Country”, is a great place to live in terms of weather and good standards of living. Keralites, despite their affinity for the convenience of flats in cities, prefer to construct a budget house in Kerala, with some landscape around it. Be it the ‘Gulf Money’ or otherwise, we accumulate each penny over years, to fulfill the long-cherished dream to plan a budget home in Kerala. In this sense, the emotional quotient attached to the new house construction plan in Kerala stands above the standard utility creation in the building.

We Komath & Ramath Construction Pvt. Ltd’s designers have designed some awesome homes in Kannur that look like a page out of a fairytale and not to forget, fulfils every requirement of the homeowners too who are dreaming of a low-budget home in Kannur—all on a shoestring budget—well, almost. We understand the importance of step-by-step designing, especially when it comes to working on a tight budget. we have garnered in-depth knowledge of the market and the industry. We not only have a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals and skilled workers.

Things to consider for a Budget Home Plan in Kerala

A Good Execution Partner

It is very important to partner with the best construction company or the right architect in Kerala when you venture out into something like constructing a budget house. The experience and expertise that they bring to the table add a lot of value to the entire process. A good contracting company will provide you with a detailed quote for every single aspect of the building. They should be able to provide you with the best quotes for building materials and labor. Also, they would define the timeline, budget, and cost constraints during this process.

We Komath & Ramath construction Pvt. Ltd. have choices of experienced designers and architects who can visualise your aims, likes and dislikes, design styles, and overall expectations. In association with our architect, we will provide you with an ideal design well within your budget. A building design can either be a traditional design or a contemporary design or a colonial one. We have a bunch of expert contractors/architects who deliver a high-quality building solution as per standards, strictly adhering to the timelines and well within your budget.

Design your Budget

Consulting your dream home is expensive, but if you can plan everything properly and make the right decision, you can stick to your budget. Once you set aside the budget you can decide on the type of house you are going to build. It could be a modern house with a custom architectural design with more rooms or a simple home with a basic roof design. You should also set aside a budget for fittings, plumbing, flooring, and interior décor, which are expenses some people tend to ignore.

Decide the Design and Shape of the House

It is important to decide the design and shape of the house that fits your budget. Increasingly people are choosing contemporary designs over traditional ones. Your design preferences should be communicated with your architect beforehand. Similarly, the shape of the house also matters when it comes to estimating the building cost. For instance, square or rectangular-shaped houses are cheap and easier to build. Houses with corners and fancy designs will be expensive as they will be more labor-intensive and will require a lot of materials.

Select a Good Contractor

A good construction contractor will help you with detailed quotes for every single part of the building, and define the schedule, cost, and time constraints. Once the building quotation is finalized, then the contractor begins the construction work of your budget home in Kerala. During the construction process, they will give the list of materials required at different stages.

The Foundations

Deciding on the foundation of your budget home is very crucial. A strong foundation will make the construction process easier and will make the house stand during floods or other disasters in Kerala. Experts recommend solid concrete foundations for certain areas where the safe bearing capacity of the soil is poor.

Proper Plan

Before you start your budget home plan in Kerala, during the construction, and towards the final stages, you should plan everything. A well-laid-out plan will help you foresee things and take the right measures. If you don’t have a proper plan, it will cost you more money.