Safa "I want to thank KR constructions for their excellent job. From the start of the process to the finish it went very smoothly. We are very happy with the work they does & the professionalism they bring to the job." Safiya "I'm impressed with the services of your company. The involvement of management, the staff & the skilled workers was whole hearted which has resulted in the excellent quality work. We wish them similar success in their future projects." Sahira "Thank you for your amazing job on our dream projects. We couldn't asked for a better team to produce a high quality product as you have done.l look forward to working with you & your team again in the future."


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We keep our pricing as transparent as we possibly can. We track how profitable each project is and will adjust our pricing accordingly from time to time.



Our strategic plan allow us to move forward at a manageable pace and enhanced our skill sets as individual executives and management teams.



We do things differently and Offer key values with which we pride ourselves on delivering each & every project. We are able to be by client's side from the point of idea & imagination, right the way through until completion


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