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    Construction Contracting

    Our company also engaged in construction contracting works like contracts that are to do with the building of structures, laying of roads, construction of bridges, dams, etc.

    We at Komath & Ramath construction Pvt Ltd also undertake construction contracting work which enables us to work with a number of different firms every year, on a range of different projects. Contracting work gives a value that helps us to bring specific skill sets to individual projects.

    Project Planning & Construction Contracting

    The main responsibility of a building contractor in construction contracting is to create a project plan to deliver it on time. Some responsibilities include:

    • Planning all crucial project development and implementation details
    • Determination & estimation of various issues in the projects such as needed materials, equipment, etc
    • Predicting possible changes and creating risk mitigation strategies
    • Determine any legal and regulatory issues
    • Establishing effective communication among all project participants

    The building contractor must establish a budget for the construction project, and follow it as closely as possible. The budget is a useful tool to track project costs, since contractors can de waste by comparing their actual expenses with the planned budget.

    Project Management

    The contractor needs to complete the project on time, and this involves many construction contracting management activities:

    • Ensure funds are available to keep the project moving.
    • Purchasing materials with enough anticipation for them to reach the site when needed
    • Purchasing or renting the construction equipment required for the project
    • Interviewing
    • To find & hire subcontractors to complete specialized work
    • Creating progress reports to justify intermediate payments.
    • Manage generated waste.
    • Building contractors are also responsible for their personnel, making sure their staff has the right size and technical skills.
    • Submit bills based on terms of contract documents.
    • Contractors also manage payroll for their own employees, and subcontractor payments.

    Project Tracking

    Project tracking is fundamental to completing the work according to contract specifications and schedules in construction contracting. In addition to tracking progress, contractors must prevent disruption. This involves several complementary activities:

    • Monitor project in terms of time schedule.
    • Quality control
    • Using cost-effective construction methods
    • Ensuring a constant supply of materials, and scheduling purchases well in advance
    • Monitoring safety-related issues.
    • Practice economic construction techniques

    During the construction process, the building contractor is responsible for tracking progress and managing any necessary changes.

    construction contracting

    Legal and Regulatory Issues

    Contractors have a handful of responsibilities in terms of legal and regulatory issues:

    • Must acquire all the necessary permits and licenses before starting the project.
    • Ensure that project is in compliance with all the necessary legal & regulatory issues.

    With the right construction permits and contractor licenses, the project can progress without disruption.

    Health and Safety Issues

    The contractor must guarantee health and safety in the construction site, by implementing adequate procedures and raising awareness among workers.

    The contractor is also responsible for the proper operation of equipment and preventing any accidents from misuse.

    The contractor deals with any emergencies and unforeseen issues at the project site and must report them.