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    Construction Consulting

    We undertake construction consulting for our clients. With our technical accuracy, quality of services, and construction method, Komath & Ramath construction Pvt Ltd is becoming the best company in the field of construction consulting

    As a construction consultant, we offer advice and expertise to help developers and investors. We help our clients to oversee & assess building costs & contracts for construction projects.

    Functions of consultancy in Construction Consulting

    Construction consultancy in a construction project must do the following to serve the client.
    • The consultant must provide guidance & advice on setting up a project.
    • The consultant must bring together, the project managers, building surveyors, architect, engineers, and many other to ensure loyal building.
    • They must check the authenticity of the drawing & the data provided.
    • Overcome the gap of the professionals with the owners & help as the channel to make a complete way for healthy discussion.
    • The consultant not only must develop the project design but also coordinate the design.
    • The consultant must choose the best & economical materials & construction method to perform the project.
    • The consultant must check the authenticity of the drawing & the data provided.
    construction consulting

    Need of construction consulting

    Providing Information

    The most common reason for why consultant is needed is to obtain information. The company requires consultant’s special expertise or the more accurate, up-to-date information. Otherwise the company may be unable to spare the time and resources to develop the data internally.

    Solving Problems

    Consultant also helps in solving problems. They have to look past the problem itself. They have to challenge all of the assumptions and constraints around the problem. They have to ask the right questions which are far more important than having all the right answers. A good consultant will help the client come to their own conclusions while acting as a guide for the discussion.

    Effective diagnosis

    After consultants and clients clarify their expectations for the consultantion and formalize them in a contract, the consultant conduct a diagnosis of the current state & provide feedback to clients on their findings.

    Implementing Change

    Effective work on implementation problems requires a level of trust and cooperation that is developed gradually throughout the construction. Recommendations may be confined to those steps the consultant believes will be implemented well for project success.

    Recommending actions

    The consultants have a responsibility to ensure that their recommendations are implemented. They also facilitate the implementation of the action items related to your consulting services. The implementation of recommendations is based on the information that acquired during the consulting process.

    Save Money

    Construction consultants know what services and products to use for the best project work because they already worked on the project similar to you. The most cost-effective solutions on the market that will help save costs and improve the ROI of your project. Thais will definitely help you to save your money and complete your project on schedule.