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13 August 2022

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Luxury real estate or Custom Luxury Home is defined distinctively across various markets and among individuals. It is a powerful combination of different extravagant elements, conscious living, and experimental construction. For some people, a luxury home means enjoying a big space with an indoor swimming pool, extended guest house, posh ceilings, and interiors, while for others luxury is in the eye of the very avaricious neighbour or relative.

It is strange but true! In the international market, developers of ultra-luxury properties have included outstanding concepts in their building plans with limited-edition structures with unique creations by renowned architects and designers. The best way to achieve your dream home is to plan it yourself with the help of a professional luxury home builder. When you build, you have an idea of every last detail of your home. You get the quality and materials you can comfortably bear, the floor design you want, the most classy interior Design, and more!

Plan Before Investing

When it comes to a custom luxury home, it isn’t about how much cash you invest in the construction, decoration, and utilities alone. There is more to it. The location, the property design, classy building materials, interior decorations, the functionalities, and features combined to the space, and in most cases, the builder itself are an important factor that makes a property luxurious. At the same, it allows you to satisfy yourself and get some of the things you’ve always loved to have in a home.

Quality Material

The most crucial aspect of ensuring a home’s longevity is to use high-quality, durable materials that are used in the process of constructing new homes and designs that suit the environment they will be exposed. Kannur Budget Home construction company took special care to use the best quality material for your home so that your home remains classy and sturdy for years. Professional builders offer services that include guiding you to design the home or room you want, renovating kitchens and bathrooms, painting your home, roof repairs and replacement, and basic construction jobs such as flooring, electrical, lighting, windows, insulation, etc.

An entertainment area, extensive backyard, excessive house, amenities

All are essential for a luxury home, but the list barely ends there. It was advised that the most desirable features and styles in the luxury property five years back are not agreeable to wealthy people anymore. In short, Luxury property is always developing. If you are planning to build a custom home shortly, Keep these incorporating top luxury features into the design:

How to Build Your Custom Luxury Home

  • Entertainment area – change the space into a gaming area, mini home theatre, or anything you wish. It will surely be a great enjoyment with your guests.
  • Grand kitchen with modern cabinets, and a Classy cooking range and equipment.
  • Home spa – Imagine relaxing in your giant bathtub with multiple shower jets and an inbuilt music system.
  • Home office and a library
  • Bedrooms with attached dressing room with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and ambient lighting.
  • Garden with an elegant patio and a water fountain – Refresh your outdoor area.
  • Security systems and home alarms – Give your family the best protection.

A builder who understands your requirements can help create a luxury space for you and your family. At Kannur Budget Home, we build villas and homes in Kannur that satisfies to the specific needs of individual clients. We are known for our effective planning, innovative design, and timely execution.
Even before we start the construction project we give you a detailed idea about the design through our 3D architectural renderings and presentations. Our effective home plan services and interior design skills help you build the custom luxury home of your dreams within a budget. Yes, it is true, within a budget.