How to build low Budget Homes in Kannur

Kannur Budget Homes

21 March 2022

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Do you think of unimpressive designed spaces when you hear the word budget-friendly home or low budget homes in kannur? We are about to change your thinking forever. It’s time to break the myth about that low-budget house design that has been lingering in everyone’s mind. If you’re shying away from building your own home because you think it will cost you an arm and a leg.

Usually, We go for web search on the best construction company near me or the best builders in Kannur. Then we have good news for you. One of the leading construction companies in Kannur, we at Kannur Budget Homes know what advantages you get to build low Budget Homes in Kannur according to your specifications rather than buying a readymade house.

We Komath & Ramath Construction Pvt. Ltd’s designers have designed some awesome homes in Kannur that look like a page out of a fairytale and not to forget, fulfils every requirement of the homeowners too who are dreaming of a low-budget home in Kannur—all on a shoestring budget—well, almost. We understand the importance of step-by-step designing, especially when it comes to working on a tight budget. we have garnered in-depth knowledge of the market and the industry. We not only have a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals and skilled workers.

Here are our top 5 things to consider to build low Budget Homes in Kannur

Outstanding Tie-ups

We also have excellent tie-ups with vendors, allowing us to secure quality materials at reasonable rates. Connections make it possible for us to purchase good quality materials at a relatively low cost. High-quality building materials ensure safety and significantly lower maintenance costs.

Experienced Team

Having an in-house team of experienced engineers, designers and architects also helps us to reduce expenditure on construction, as compared to hiring experts from outside. We hold meetings and discussions with you, so everything is done according to your needs. We are also very particular about completing projects well within schedule, which helps us to stay within your budget. Our staff – from designers to masons to engineers – all work cohesively and speedily to ensure fast delivery of the project.

The Right Choice of Designs

At Kannur Budget Home, we offer 100% customized designs, so that you can have each room in your house as per your needs. We can further bring down costs by sticking to simple and functional designs that offer comfort. Once you give us a budget, we do our best to stick to it and ensure that the design and construction are carried out accordingly. Our commitment to delivering excellence to our customers ensures that quality is never compromised.

Timely Completion

We manage our time, resources, and effort in the best way possible, so you won’t be paying for unnecessary delays and modifications. Every phase is completed on time, and we make sure to finish our work well within schedule. We have backup plans too and we work together in every situation.

Understand Your Budget Constraints

We recommend alternative solutions if the budget prevents from having the functionality or style you want. Once we understand your budget for the project we walk you through all the practicalities and you can choose what is best for you.

Whether you are looking to construct homes, villas, or commercial buildings we know how to build low budget homes in kannur. We have also done a lot of remodeling projects and home renovations lately, as it can give your home the facelift you want without spending a lot of money. Build a brand new one if you’re worried about finances; as one of the best building contractors in Kannur, we can build you your dream house at a low cost.