Tips to Build a House in Kerala

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27 July 2022

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Whenever it comes to Build a House in Kerala, keeping in mind the weather, social life, culture, and good standards of living, Kerala is an excellent place to own a home. Most of us opt to construct our dream home with customized plans and functionalities rather than buy a ready-made home, or flats. The comfort of having a dream home with the landscape around it is something wonderful, and you will undoubtedly agree with us.

However constructing a home invests your time, and effort and goes through a series of steps. With an expert by your side, you will be guided properly and you can be part of the whole process without wasting much of your time and effort. At Kannur Budget Home we not only take your suggestions and ideas but also value your time and comfort.

To guide you to understand the process we have listed some Tips to Build a House in Kerala.

Tips to Build a House in Kerala

Decide Your Budget

Consulting your dream home is sky-high, but if you can plan everything accordingly and make the perfect decision, you can stick to your budget. Once you set aside the budget you can choose the type of dream home you are going to build; perhaps, modern home with a custom architectural design and more rooms, or a simple house, with a basic roof plumbing design. You should also determine a budget for fittings, flooring, and interior décor, which are expenses some people turn to ignore while building a house.

Hiring the Right Architect

Building a house is a time-consuming thing, with construction extending from 8 to 18 months. The most important step is to hire the right architect in Kannur or Kerala to build a house in Kerala. A good contractor will help & assist you in a set of activities like preparing the building design, the final sketches, and obtaining sanctions and permits.

Decide the Design of the House

It is crucial to decide the design and shape of the house, as it gives you an overall picture of your budget. Most the people choose contemporary designs over traditional ones. First of all your design preferences should be discussed with your architect.

Similarly, the shape of the house is also important when it comes to estimating the building cost. For example, square or rectangular-shaped houses are low-cost and easier to construct. Houses with corners and fancy designs will be costly as they will be more labour intensive and will require a lot of materials.

Choose the Right Contractor

A skilled contractor will guide you with detailed quotes for every single part of the building, and explain the schedule, cost, and time constraints. Once the building quotation is decided, then the contractor begins the construction work. During the construction progresses, they will give the list of materials needed at different stages.

The Foundation

Deciding on the foundation of your home is very important. A strong foundation will accomplish the construction process easier and will prepare the house to stand during floods or other disasters. Experts advise solid concrete foundations for certain areas where the safe bearing capacity of the soil is low.

Plan the Whole Project First

You should plan the entire process before you start, during the construction, and towards the final stages. An expert plan will help you foresee things and take the right decisions. If you don’t have the right plan, it will lead you to more expenses.

From planning to execute your dream home project Kannur Budget Home adopt innovative ideas and provides excellent service.