Top 5 Home Design Trends of 2022

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06 September 2022

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It’s no wonder that home design trends have changed. The days and months since early 2020 have established homeowners to reassess what they want their homes to reflect. Many homeowners are searching to make changes that break from the past. As such, the overall theme in house design trends in 2022 is creative expression, individuality, and design freedom.

With 2021 ends and visions of new homes and renovations dancing in our heads, we gathered data on design trends for 2022. From both home exterior and interior design trends in home decor, let’s take a deeper look at some of the innovations prepared to make their way into 2022.

Top 5 Home Design Trends of 2022

Black is the New Colour

While natural, subtle colours and warm tones will be trending in 2022, black as an accent colour in the home will be an omission. It doesn’t take much black to add a burst to a room with otherwise neutral colours. Black window frames can have a significant effect on the exterior and interior. A black lacquered entryway door always adds punch and attractive appeal.

In the kitchen, as homeowners avoid from the all-white kitchen, black appliances — either shiny or matte — will make a winning.

Bringing Nature Indoor

We have all spent so much time outside in past years that those natural elements are now in demand indoors. As opposed to earth-toned interior design that only portrays the colours found in nature, homeowners will bring nature inside the home — thereby improving the connection between the interior and the outdoor environment.

How? Nature Indoor design. This design approach seeks to maximize sunlight, fresh air, plants, and other natural elements within the home. It may even include the mixture of natural shapes and forms in the architecture itself. This approach of Home Design Trends may include the use of local and organic materials. For the homeowner, the natural indoor design creates a sense of being part of the outdoors and the freedom associated with it while still being indoors.

White-on-White Kitchen Cabinetry and Counter tops

White kitchens have been the best option for many homeowners for decades now. In the 2010s, it emerged to the point where the kitchen became a white-on-white space with white cabinets, white subway tile, and even white granite countertops. It all has turned into just too much. Sophisticated kitchen designers in recent years started to incorporate colour into the kitchen. Kitchen appliance and cabinet manufacturers have also taken notice.

In 2022, hope to see kitchens with painted or wood cabinets. The colours themselves won’t be bold — most homeowners invest more waking in the kitchen than almost any other room in the house — but rather appealing, warm, and neutral hues. Granite will continue top of the list for countertops, but different material choices will become part of the equation. The combining of two countertop materials will also be popular — consider granite countertops and a type of hardwood for the kitchen island.

Flexible Spaces

We’ve understood the interior layout can be pretty important when the entire family ends up staying at home. For those with formal dining rooms, those spaces quickly changed into home offices or the kids’ new classroom at home. A “flex room” or “flex space” turn into a must-have for those in the market for a new home. Flexible space offers enough other options, such as an extra guest room, a kids’ enjoyment room, or just a quiet place to relax.

We hope this trend continues to pick up demand in 2022. Why? Because most of us have a budget and can’t spare a separate room for everything. And we all enjoy the freedom associated with flexibility.

Minimalism in House Design

The trending interior design move seems to be selective when it comes to the rules of minimalist design. When it came to the latest house design 2021, the bias established one to take the rule of omitting ornamentation lightly. And now when it comes to interior design trends 2022, the trend pardons you to discard the monochromatic colour palette for a personalized one.

The interior design trends of 2022 exhibit an even bolder innovation in the minimalist design style. That is to adopt experimental colour palettes instead of ornamenting the interiors. The colours in your room, play a crucial role in supervising your mood indoors. And since people these days absolutely believe in personalizing their home interiors, it was about time that the minimalists treated the power of colour.

We at Kannur Budget Home follow Home Design Trends. Our skilled team of employees is experts in establishing innovative designs according to customers’ requirements. We discuss every detail with our clients and recommend Home Design Trends according to their lifestyles.